Wednesday, April 10, 2013


     It has been some time since I sent my letter to the entire congregation that I was part of.  The letter explained the truth that I had learned.  The Elders were not happy to say the least, but for some reason they did not expel me until some time later.  I sent them a second letter and personally delivered it to an Ex-Elder, then they accuse me of causing "Divisions".  I could only think of what Jesus said. (Luke 12:51, 52) (Matt 10:34, 35)
You see Jesus caused divisions within the nation of Israel which he was a part of at the time.  I guess we are in good company then.  

     The part that hurts so much is losing my children and friends.  They have stayed inside the organization.  (Loyalty to men and the organization.)
Today was a sad reminder of that loss.  My daughter came to take care of some family business.  She did not stop in, but I did get to watch her as she left in her car.  As I watched, tears filled my eyes.  I looked at her pictures of when she was a little girl.  My wife and I had raised her for over 20 years.  My daughter is upset for the stand my wife and I are taking.  My wife and I are heartbroken over our loss, but difficult as it is we are reminded of Jesus words. (Mark 10:29, 30)  No one has left or lost children and friends for the sake of Jesus, the truth, and the Heavenly Father, who will not receive back a hundredfold now (along with persecutions) and in the world to come, the full blessings of his Kingdom .  Yes we will receive persecutions now, but such is the cost of following in Jesus footsteps.  
With this in mind I wish to comfort all of you who have suffered loss for taking a stand for the truth.
May Almighty God the Father in Heaven, comfort and reward all of you.

Agape,    Obadiah.